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On this day in Irish history …

On this day gives you a bite size taste of some of the major events from Ireland’s long and troubled past, especially events that inspired great songs and music.

Here you will find information about the men and women who shaped Irish history and culture …for better or for worse.

We look at some of the major leaders, writers, musicians, politicians … all the people who helped shaped the country.

Several rebellions in pursuit of independence

The history of Ireland is dominated by centuries of struggle against British rule.

There were numerous unsuccessful rebellions before the 1916 Easter Rising finally paved the way for Irish independence.

There were also great political campaigns involving towering figures like Charles Parnell and Daniel O’Connell who spent their lives in pursuit of Home Rule for Ireland.

Many Irish rebellions were ruthlessly put down by the British, particularly Oliver Cromwell who left scars in the Irish psyche that took centuries to heal.

Famine led to mass emigration

Perhaps the greatest cataclysmic event in Irish history was the great famine of the 1840s.

Millions of people starved to death or emigrated to seek new lives all over the world, particularly America.

When they left Ireland they took their music and their culture with them.

Millions of Irish people endured hardship abroad but eventually created a new life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

Irish music became influential across the world

In doing so they became highly influential and made a massive contribution to the economy and culture of their adopted countries.

Today, the most lasting and obvious example of that influence is to be found in music.

Irish music is now played and enjoyed all across the world, both in its pure traditional form and in the way it has been adapted to form other genres such as country and bluegrass music in America.

Irish history reflected in its music and songs

Irish history is highly charged with politics and rebellion and this was inevitably reflected in its music.

Every rebellion sparked dozens of songs, sometimes celebrating a great victory more often lamenting a crushing defeat.

On this day picks out these events, particularly when they relate to Ireland’s great music and culture.

Please browse through the dates and follow the links for more information, pictures and videos. It’s a great way to explore Irish history and music.

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